The Re:forestation project is a part of the 2014 ISDesign Honours Project “Manufacturing Blackwattle Bay“.

The aim of this project is to further develop Blackwattle Bay as a working industrial harbour. A new, localised manufacturing industry will be introduced to the Bay to reconcile the connection between manufacturing and public space. It should also address and resolve existing issues on site such as restricted waterfront access, unused industrial spaces, lost flora and eroding shorelines.

The project focuses on the reintroduction of the Callicoma (Blackwattle) to the Bay to use as both economic product and as a mean to reconcile the connection between manufacturing and public spaces.

The Blackwattle tree is itself a riparian plant and made up the Bay’s riparian zone before British settlement. Thus, reintroducing the plant will re-establish the lost riparian zone as well as providing the Bay with a manufacturing product.

The three core areas of this project are the two plantation zones along the edge of the Bay and the workshop gallery area next to the coal bunker.


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Site Plan






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