Activating Turner Lane (P)











Site: University of Technology Sydney (Turner Lane & Glasshouse Bar)

The vision for the site is to activate all unused spaces along and around the currently unoccupied Turner Lane and establish a constant flow of pedestrian circulation to and from the Glasshouse bar & other areas on site creating a ‘sticky campus’.

The Activating Turner Lane project proposes a mesh of public and private space providing students with more options and more reasons to remain on campus after hours.

The scheme involves a sprawl of new program spaces along the ‘spine’ of the site creating an entertainment thoroughfare that connects Harris Street to Broadway.

The introduction of a new Broadway entrance to the Glasshouse Bar (now also a performance area) opens up the previously concealed space promoting circulation into the precinct. The new proposed programs along Turner Lane also functions as a pedestrian magnet.

The existing glass pyramid of the Glasshouse will be replaced by a trafficable skylight accessible from the UTS Tower Building and the future UTS Podium.

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