Oasis Apartment (P)

[Design Studio] Massing Perspective

[Design Studio] Apartment Elevation - Day View

[Design Studio] Apartment Elevation - Night View

[Design Studio] Design Concept



For many years, humans have pruned and carved out trees and plantations to make way for human infrastructures.

This form embraces the opposite.

This project started with a client meeting with three families who wished to live together after retiring. The brief asked for three separate apartments with an optional fourth space as guest accomodation or activity space.

The concept for this design was a cityside oasis. The apartment offers a breath of fresh air from city life much like an Oasis in the desert.

The massing model of the overall apartment facade was generated with consideration of the natural terrain and plantation of the allocated site. The organic form of the facade was shaped by the canopy formations of the trees and other plantations. Like how humans have always carved out plants for growth of infrastructure, the apartment has in this case, been carved instead for the growth of the plants. Each curve is shaped by the crown of the trees or potential trees to be planted in the future.

The model was made with balsa and polypropylene.

[Design Studio] Apartment Elevation - Landscape Details

[Design Studio] Plantation Analysis


[Design Studio] Apartment Ailsa & Kath Perspective

[Design Studio] Apartment Ailsa & Kath Perspective 2

An inside view of the window (see Apartment 4 model) during different seasons and conditions.

We were also asked to focus on one of the four apartments and plan out its internal and external structure. I chose Apartment 4, the top apartment with the largest garden (see the second model image).Every apartment has access to a garden (something that was emphasised in the brief). Some special features of Apartment 4 includes: its big garden (as requested by the client who enjoys gardening), the bench that’s accessible from the kitchen and from the outside (perfect when entertaining guests) and the curved window that allows views of the maple garden outside.

[Plans of Apartments and Household Distribution to be added soon]

This was the first time we worked with real clients.

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